Guest Profile

Sarah Mane

Sarah was born and has lived in Sydney her whole life. She grew up in a leafy suburb on the north shore of Sydney with her mother, father, two brothers and a sister. At the age of eight, standing on the back step at home, she heard and felt a deep and profound energy and presence. It was limitless, pervading everything, entirely benevolent, loving, powerful and wise. Sarah felt a natural attraction and merging with this universal presence. She knew herself to be completely at one with the universe. This inner connection has never changed.

Sarah has been an executive and transformational coach for ten years, a school executive and a teacher of children and adults for thirty years, a meditator and mindfulness practitioner for forty years. She is a member of The International Coach Federation and The Golden Key International Honour Society.

She loves music, singing, and public speaking - and ballroom and Latin dancing.

Sarah’s Stage Fright Free© coaching course was born out of her heart-felt wish that all performers be free of fear and experience the joy of performing in the moment. She wanted to create something that was easy, practical and effective. She has fully researched, practiced and trialed the program (especially on herself!) It’s now a proven, practical, enjoyable and an easy system.

Sarah was blessed with open-minded questing parents, searching for the source of real knowledge and answers to Self-inquiry, Self-knowledge, consciousness and the Universe. In the late 1960s her parents discovered The School of Practical Philosophy ( which offered philosophy and meditation classes. In 1971, at the age of ten, Sarah was offered the opportunity to join these classes too. She enthusiastically started learning about self-awareness, attention, presence, mindfulness and consciousness. She was undaunted by being the only child in adult classes as they discussed the great questions such as: Who Am I? How can we become fully Self- Realized? What is meditation? What is the true meaning of life?

As Sarah grew, she began to have a greater understanding of the conversations at the School of Practical Philosophy, and she participated more and more. She relished the discussions and questioning, and the opportunity to share and learn from direct experiences of self-awareness and presence.