Guest Profile

Saskia Roell

Saskia is the connection to your Soul. Using her own life as living proof that extraordinary choices lead to an extraordinary life, she expertly helps others do the same. Saskia came to America with 5 children and one suitcase to follow her dream. Without jobs or contacts, with hardly any money, and with five kids who didnt speak a word of English, she and her family succeeded by trusting the guidance of her Soul. She's a Best Selling Author, Soul Empowerment Coach, and has co-authored books with Deepak Chopra, and Jack Canfield. In 90 days, Saskia's clients have written books, found their soul mate,gotten pregnant, moved to another country, and been chased by every job hunter in New York.

She works internationally with people from all walks of life and has successfully helped many people live their biggest dreams.