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Guest Profile

Selena Jones


Everyone has a unique story...


I was brought to Energy Balancing when I developed painful physical symptoms after experiencing an emotional loss.  Conventional medicine proved unsuccessful and my symptoms continued. However, Energy Balancing treatments restored my health and from that point forward I have felt compelled to learn & share many different types of Energy Balancing techniques.


Getting in balance brought a lot more joy into my life and has developed my Intuitive abilities.  It also brought a very unexpected gift:  Angels (who I wasn't even sure I believed in before all of this) began, and continue to, to give me messages and visitations.  Angels are non-denominational and are pure Love; here to help anyone who requests their support.   As I developed my skills, I found that my clairvoyant abilities opened up and I now bring into a session messages from Angels, Spirit Guides, Past Lives and many other loving energies around us.


I deeply believe in an attitude gratitude approach to living!  Energy therapies support and balance the physical body, the mind, and the emotional spirit.


I am a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner (CECP)™, Certified Past Life Regression therapist, Certified Angel Guide, Certified Ho'oponopono Practitoner, a Member in Good Standing with the British Columbia Therapeutic Touch Network Society (BCTTNS), a Deborah King Certified Spirit Guide Coach and a Radleigh Valentine Certified Angel Card Reader™.


This is my story.  Please contact me if you feel that Past Life RegressionThe Emotion Code™, Therapeutic Touch™, Angelic & Spirit Guide guidance or Intuitive Angel Card Readings have a place in your story.