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The Coach Martez and Woodrina Layton, LPC Show: Understanding Love, Accepting Truth, and Changing Your Perspective!: The 3 P’s That Make a Tremendous Difference in Your Marriage: Prayer, Positivity & Passion

Guest Profile

Selena Moon

Selena's passion to teach and empower others comes from living a life of feeling isolated, out-casted, dis-empowered and misunderstood. Since overcoming the trials and tribulations of divorce, adventurous solo backpacking trips, and several entrepreneurial ventures, she is prepped and dedicated to being of service to humanity through her business.

Selena began her journey as a personal trainer and life coach - where she built her own private training and coaching studio called "Mind and Body Unleashed Inc." in downtown Toronto. Since then, she has trailed into the depths of mastering the subconscious mind through the teachings of Joseph Murphy and Napoleon Hill. Later in her career she grew an interest in Psychosomatic Therapy and began studying the works of Louise Hay. Her biggest influences include Abraham Hicks, Dr. Bruce Lipton, and Kryon. 


Selena has transitioned her business into creating powerful spaces for people to make rapid shifts through her events and retreats. Selena has held over 130 workshops/retreats and online programs since 2014 and has positively impacted the life of over 300 clients to help them manifest: life partners, new homes, improved health, more prosperous and fulfilling careers, as well as deeper and more meaningful connections with others.


Her teachings and transformational processes are based on the lessons she has learned through her: hands-on experiences, rich educational background, as well as her innate wisdom.