Guest Profile

Shari Brown

Shari Sharifi Brown has spent her life between Iran and the United States. She was born a Shiite Muslim in Isfahan, Iran. She came to the United States to study at California State University, Los Angeles and earned a B.S. in Engineering. She returned to Iran for work as a structural engineer. After the Iranian Revolution, she moved back to the United States and has now lived here for over 30 years.

Although being born a Muslim in pre-revolutionary Persia, she converted to Christianity in school and married into a Jewish-American Family. She has lived all three of the Abrahamic religions that this book is based upon. Her deep-rooted adherence to these religions led her to understand their innate compatibility.

She lives in Southern California with her husband, Ed Brown, and their two children. Also, Shari is the Founder and the President of the Sharifololama Foundation and the President of the Trans Global Consulting Engineers Company.