Guest Profile

Sharon Riegie Maynard

For over 30 years Sharon Riegie Maynard has consulted with groups and individuals, especially women, throughout the U.S. Her specialty is working with the unseen aspects of life in order to transform the physical, seen world.

Her experience as a participant and witness gives her a unique voice to the emerging women's movement and what is moving women from a survival state onto the stage as architects of a country and world of thriving peace.

For over 17 years Sharon has worked within the unseen fields of energy in order to identify the cause of such destruction and dysfunction within the physical world. In energy, the impossible dissolves and new worlds open. With a deep understanding of the body, mind, spirit model, she has helped thousands find greater joy and expansion in their lives.
A mystic shawoman, she has been given ways to "dream" awake the wisdom buried within the bones of our collective consciousness, with the mission to remember the information within the bones of our maternal line.