Guest Profile

Sharon Roy

Emotional Breakthrough Coach, Sharon Roy, helps clients rise above their emotions and follow their hearts to create lives of purpose, peace, and joy. Since founding Raising Grace Coaching in 2006, Sharon has helped thousands to leave their confining ego stories behind as they are introduced to their own higher wisdom. Clients learn practical skills to transform negative habits of thought and emotion into ever-higher states of being, which leads to more ease and success in their relationships and careers. Coaching sessions, Raising Grace Lunches, and teleclasses are often filled with laughter as Sharon taps the power of imagination and spiritual connection to show clients that the work they are doing can be playful and fun. This relaxed atmosphere makes all the difference as clients fall in love with their own process of growth and develop the confidence to become masters of their life journey.

Sharons work is the natural outgrowth of her own 40-year struggle through the emotional quagmire of fear, anger, and sadness. Although she hid her true emotional state, the energy of these emotions drew her into painful life circumstances that kept getting worse until she finally discovered simple techniques that allowed her to break free. She continued to build upon and perfect these techniques in her work as a recovery coach, helping addicts, alcoholics, and the people who love them to step out of the debilitating cycles of addiction.

Today, her work continues to evolve and achieves unique balance as she draws on both the analytical, problem solving capability earned as an engineering student and on her intuitive energy work as a Reiki
master. Quieting her own negative emotions allowed Sharon to hear the guidance of her heart -- and to find the courage to act upon it. She made drastic changes, overcoming many fears and setbacks, as she embraced her life purpose and chose to live in simplicity and peace.

From a one-room, off-grid cabin on her 40-acre farm in Eastern Connecticut, Sharon now weaves a life that nourishes body, mind, and spirit while raising her son, caring for the farm animals, writing about lessons learned, and serving clients from around the world. Her latest writing project, What Ive Learned From Chickens, is currently being published in Aspire Magazine.