Guest Profile

Shaun Derik

Affectionately known as "The Speaker for the Dreamer,” Shaun's expertise in effective youth engagement derives from his 10 years in youth development (R.E.A.C.H. Communications, Inc), 8 years in prevention (Youth to Youth International), and 6 years in corporate team-building and philanthropic event planning.  His most notable work has been in Character Development serving such worthy causes as The Mississippi Department of Education’s Dropout Prevention program, Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York Youth Advocate team training, The National Police Activities League, and ABC Virginia’sYouth Alcohol and Drug Abuse Project. Just months before the major shutdown, Shaun was asked to host the West Virginia Gamechangers Opioid Awareness Conference where he engaged and inspired over 200,000 live via PBS broadcast and over 20 thousand in person. 


For over a decade Shaun has dedicated his career to helping dreamers young and old reconnect with their passion and natural-born gifts. His dynamic message delivery, a blend of live music and comedy, leave audience members feeling motivated and energized; as a result are encouraged to take massive steps towards the achievement of their life-long goals. His most recent workshop The Going Forward Movement: The Push after Pandemia helps employees re-enter the workplace with poise, determination, and a new sense of gratitude for the life they once had and the one they're created.


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His work in education, philanthropy, and media has afforded him the opportunity to reach more than 700,000 dreamers globally and has been featured on CBS, NBC,, and a host of other media outlets.  Whether on stage, in the classroom, or in front of the camera, Shaun Derik continues to outline the key components for how to live a life worth talking about.