Guest Profile

Shaunna Touchi

Born and raised in the Hawaii, Shaunna Touchi is a former trial lawyer who, through healing herself, found her way into her true calling as an energy healer and spiritual teacher. Through an array of various modalities, Shaunna teaches people to unconditionally love and accept themselves by returning to their heart to discover who they truly are a beautiful spark of the Creator.

Through her music, Shaunna channels and brings through the energies of the Angelic Realm into her body, through her hands and out into the bowls vibrations which assists people in their healing.

In her healing sessions, Shaunna uses energy, theta brain waves, crystals, color and sound to help assist you in your healing by removing beliefs and feelings, from your body and cells, that no longer serve you and helps you to replace those beliefs and feelings with ones that do. Shaunna is also able to help you resolve trauma from past lives and assist in restructuring your DNA that are unhealthy, injured or diseased.

Shaunna helps people discover what their soul came into this lifetime to do, experience and learn. She does this by using a science based Non-Predictive Fingerprint Analysis. Your fingerprints were formed at 16 weeks while you were in your mothers womb. Unlike the lines in your hand, your fingerprints never change. It contains your Soul Blueprint: Your Life Purpose, Life Lesson and School of Life. There are 4 schools Peace, Wisdom, Love and Service

Shaunna teaches you practical tools to help build your "toolbox" so you are able to continue your healing process in your daily life.