Guest Profile

Shawn McDonald

Shawn D. McDonald, Founder & President: FeedbacK™ Enterprise, LLC Shawn McDonald has more than 22 years of business experience that includes business development, information technology leadership, engineering, finance and an entrepreneurial spirit. A visionary by nature, in 1999 Shawn recognized the use of the internet to improve business communication for a Fortune 500 support service contractor. Shawn was the Chief Architect of an enterprise information management system that enables management of service contracts with NASA and the Department of Defense. The web based application is still in use today and is considered a discriminator in the industry. In 2003, Shawn started a retail copy & print business that has been highly successful and participated in the finance and business management until 2011. As a senior executive, Shawn was the deputy responsible for the largest contract to date at NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) – over 450 people – with profit and loss responsibilities of over $85M in annual operating revenue. 


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