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  02/25/2017      10:00 am

Business Game Changers Radio with Sarah Westall: First of Its Kind - Distributed Cloud Using Blockchain to Solve CyberSecurity Issues

Guest Profile

Shawn Wilkinson

Shawn Wilkinson is the CEO/CTO of Storj Labs, a high tech startup which aims to bring cheaper, more secure, peer-to-peer cloud storage to the masses using blockchain technology. His motto, “decentralize everything” is his vision which is catching on. His company has undergone multiple rounds of financing, including his latest 3-million-dollar round. His disruptive technology is forging new ground and changing the way leaders are managing and securing their data.


Shawn has a BS in Computer Science from Morehouse College and has been deeply involved in crypto-currencies ever since 2012. You can learn more about him and his company at


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