Guest Profile

Sheila Applegate

Sheila Applegate, MSW, is a Consciousness Consultant, Presenter, Award-Winning Author and Entrepreneur. Sheila’s Be Awesome program provides a blueprint to release personal roadblocks, ignite the imagination, and embrace an abundant life of joy and passion available to everyone.She is the founder of Counterpoint Creative Consulting, working with Leaders in Entertainment, Literature and Business to influence the evolutionary transformation of our world.Sheila’s revolutionary Conscious Meditation™ technique supports instant integration for conscious living.  Her book, Enchanted One: The Portal to Love, weaves together messages from the Divine Feminine and highlights Sheila’s personal experiences in embracing the full spectrum of human emotion. Sheila has mastered the ability to live in conscious oneness throughout her daily experiences. She navigates with ease, ALL of the levels of energy from individual cells of her body to the vastness of All That Is.Sheila believes it is the natural ability of all humans to navigate Conscious Oneness and to have unlimited communication with energies beyond the physical. She has dedicated her life to help people attain this level of conscious living.