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Guest Profile

Sheila Smith-Anderson

Sheila Smith-Anderson has a 49-year educational career that expands classroom teacher, principal, highly skilled educator,  professional developer, assistant superintendent, executive director of curriculum, instruction, and professional development, educational consultant, executive director of leadership development, and director of leader pathways and professional learning within talent, strategy, and management.  She has worked at the district and state levels in public education in Kentucky and Missouri; in higher education as an adjunct profession, particularly while leading a co-constructed principal certification program executing a $5 million Wallace grant; a Kentucky Distinguished Educator working with low performing schools; national consultant for school reform with the Collaborative for Teaching and Learning; leadership consultant with the Wallace Foundation; and school change consultant with NISL – National Institute for School Leadership. 


She combines her education and experience with passion and love for our greatest commodity – the nation’s children in being a voice for all. She carries them in her heart in all that she does, leading with courage and conviction toward an equitable system.