Guest Profile

Shelley Darling

Shelley Darling has devoted her life to the path of Unconditional Love, Embodied Heart Awakening and Conscious Evolution. She is a mother of 3 beautiful children and 4 grand children, all birthed naturally at home, and helped to raise 12 foster children.

She has spent over 35 years synergizing powerful modalities of personal growth, spiritual knowledge, Feng Shui and soon after discovering Dowsing through Marie Diamond, a Feng Shui and Dowsing Master, she founded Golden Light Dowsing, a dynamic, whole systems approach, that speaks to the Ancient Science and Evolution of Dowsing, both as an individual and collective, transformational journey.

She consults internationally, revealing the dramatic change that occurs when the energy in the home and business environment is raised from Dowsing. She loves the opportunity to reveal the Science of Dowsing which increases harmonic resonance and coherence within any environment. Her clients experience greater communion with their families, optimal health, inner calm and joy, working in an enlightened field for their community and global work.

She has been working with Barbara Marx Hubbard, as a Mentor for Conscious Evolution, igniting the awareness of a new world view, through her passion for co-creating evolutionary circles and Hubs, with communities that are focused on creating synergistic, co-creative alliances, working together towards a world that works for all.

It is her vision and passion to support individuals and communities, towards an evolving awareness of a Unified Field of Consciousness, transforming a dynamic momentum and fulfillment of one's incarnate Soul Destiny, while globally fostering Peace, Prosperity and Harmony on the Earth.