Guest Profile

Sheri Michele

Sheri Michele is a Keynote Speaker, Author, Investor, and Board member of multiple companies. She is a graduate of DeKalb Technical College with a degree in Accounting and has over fifteen years of experience in business growth and development. She's an expert in various industries such as business development, virtual staffing and management, business finance and credit, leadership, real estate, property management, and insurance.

She founded Sheri Michele VA Staffing services to help business owners boost company revenue and team productivity by optimizing delegation and inexpensive solutions to their staffing needs. She has only the BEST, MOST EXCELLENT & HIGH-CALIBER Virtual Assistants helping businesses reach uttermost productivity in their business and day-to-day life.

Sheri is the perfect link that fills the void to triumph and achieves sudden success en route to seven figures. Her valuable skills and techniques save clients' time and frustration while helping them achieve their ultimate goals. Her entrepreneurial skills enabled companies to build a strong foundation and reliable teams for maximum growth.


While Sheri enjoys mentoring others on the exact measures to lead and expand their company, her passion is to help the community with the hopes of supporting families to build wealth. She's also the type of family member that takes care of everything in her family. She motivates, encourages people, and infuses high energy, humor, and a cut-to-the-chase business approach.