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  08/31/2017      10:00 am

Mainstream Metaphysics Radio - Harnessing the Power of the Universe For Happier Living: Guest Psychic Sherrie Dillard, Author of "Sacred Signs & Symbols" plus On-Air Readings!

Guest Profile

Sherrie Dillard

A professional psychic, medium and medical intuitive for over thirty years, Sherrie is the expert at helping others to develop and understand their intuitive and spiritual gifts. She has given over 50,000 readings worldwide and has been featured on radio and television for her innovative books and her work as a psychic detective, medical intuitive and medium.


The author of the best-selling Discover Your Psychic Type, You are a Medium, Sacred Signs and Symbols, and four other books, Sherrie has developed the popular and easy way to understand and develop intuition through psychic types.


Those who are naturally psychic, intuitive and conscious of energy, have particular needs, strengths and vulnerabilities. Sherrie understands the unique sensitivities of the spiritual and intuitive community and helps guide others to embrace their full potential without taking on and absorbing others energy and harmful toxins.


Being intuitive and sensitive to energy is more than an ability or skill, it is an inner and innate multidimensional orientation that brings with it unlimited gifts and possibilities. To embrace your intuitive and spiritual nature is an evolutionary step that opens the door to the truth of who you are and what life is. As you do this you come into mind/body/spirit balance, harmony and positivity. Sherrie works with people all over the globe, supporting and guiding them through the full spectrum of spiritual and intuitive growth and development. She can assist you in your unique spiritual and intuitive journey and help you to better understand and express your authentic self and create the life you are here to live and enjoy. 


Sherrie has a M.Div in New Thought Counseling and Metaphysics and can be reached at


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