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Sherry Stiles-Riles

Balanced Plans for Busy Lifestyles Like many, we were always on the "go"; work, travel, & getting the children to sporting & church activities. We loved our life but we were not taking time out for ourselves, least of all our health. John & I hit 40 the same year and felt our unhealthy habits were wreaking havoc on our bodies quickly.

John having back surgery from an injury in his 30's was finding the onset of weight gain causing renewed back & knee pain. He was struggling with cholesterol but the news of a diabetes diagnosis began his wake up call to make changes. His family history was now playing a part in his life, so he decided to do something about it: In 90 days, lost 50 Lbs. and due to his weight loss his cholesterol number for the 1st time in 10 yrs. dropped 89 points during those 90 days. Through transition he's down 65 Lbs., never looking back.

Not considering myself as overweight, I was experiencing a significant amount of inflammation from the 30 extra Lbs. I was carrying. For 10 years I worked 80 hrs a wk, ate 2x a day and slept 3-4 hrs. a night. I thought no big deal, this was normal being a career women with a family I was having issues with cholesterol, blood pressure, sleep apnea, thyroid nodules, hysterectomy, gall bladder removal and then experienced extremity pain, weakness & numbness, with the possible diagnosis of MS. But with my busy schedule how was I going to change my unhealthy habits - there was NO time? I'm sure you can relate The Habits of Health System helped me find the time to eat 5-6x a day without much planning. Simple & healthy meal planning was the key to my success...30 Lbs. in 90 days. I feel better today in my late 40's then I did in my 30's.

Becoming a Certified Health Coach has brought my passion of helping people full circle. This was indeed a godsend, it changed our lives, gave us more time with our children but more importantly taught our family how to become healthier and brought balance back to our busy lifestyle

Sherry Stiles-Riles, Certified Health Coach