Guest Profile

Sherry Wilde

Sherry Wilde was born & raised in southwestern Wisconsin and continues to call Wisconsin her home. She operated a successful real estate business specializing in sales, land development and commercial renovations until 2008 when the recession hit hard. 


Following a strong inner urge to retreat into solitude she spent the next several winters in the desert. Inexplicably, she found herself writing a book about her lifelong contact with beings from another dimension- these memories had been buried and kept out of her conscious mind for most of her life, but now the layers began to peel away like the skin of an onion. For years she had believed herself to be a victim, but now it all began to change. 


Sherry began to see clearly that her perspective had been clouded by fear. The Forgotten Promise tells the story of how she went from believing she was the ultimate victim to understanding the true nature and reasons behind this extensive contact. 


Today, Sherry’s passion is sharing the message given her by these ultra-dimensional beings and helping others to move beyond the fear of their experiences into a place of peace and understanding.


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