Guest Profile

Sheryl Lynn

Sheryl Lynn’s leadership ability and experiences help her approach client issues with a practical, solutions-based focus. Her experience includes roles as the founder and owner of a successful family-owned consulting firm, where she was the director of marketing and public relations. She was also the business development director for several firms in the consumer-packaged goods industry.

Sheryl led organizations where she worked with business owners and entrepreneurs on their business, marketing and strategic plans, team and leadership development, and creating effective marketing efforts.

Now as the founder of JOYELY Studios, Sheryl creates mindful practices and experiences to shift the collective consciousness towards making joy the dominant vibration on the planet. Sheryl’s touchstone is her Chair of Joy, a beautiful white padded throne with gold trim; she invites executives, thought leaders, musicians, celebrities, politicians, and other influencers to tell stories of what brings them joy while seated either in her Chair or their own — and magic happens pure and simple.

The coaching model Sheryl uses is mindfulness-based. As JOYELY unfolds, Sheryl will continue to gather Leaders of Joy, creating a dynamic and delightful organization with joy at the center. Together, we are assisting executives and emerging leaders of larger organizations to lead with joy. Sheryl courageously and relentlessly facilitates programs, products, and services to implement joy in every organization, association, as well as in the communities she works with. At the very core of all human existence is joy, and since joy and expanding joy is what we all strive for, Sheryl will continue to focus on joy with her clients so they can navigate their way to a joy enhanced highly productive corporate culture.