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Sky Siegell

Sky Siegell

Native American Sky Siegell, born with the God given talent of inner guidance, uses her ability to interpret feelings and images impressed upon her by the spirit world to soothe loved ones left behind in the physical world.

Sky explains, "My purpose as a medium that communicates with those family and friends in Spirit, is to bring forth all of their love, personality and healing messages so that you too, can bloom again knowing they are well. They want you to live the most abundant life possible right now, and I can help you do that."

Sky communicates the information and messages from friends family and loved ones with remarkable detail and accuracy. Since the spirit world has no physical boundaries, neither does Sky's ability to connect with them. The information you receive can be astounding, enlightening and life changing.

Along with her remarkable ease and accuracy in connecting with Spirits, Sky has the amazing ability to heal, and through her unshakeable faith and humility she has healed thousands of people and restored them to both physical and spiritual wellness.

Tune in every Thursday 5PM EST 2PM PST to, WBLQ 96.7 FM, 1230 AM and hear for yourself as Sky Siegell co-hosts one of today's most popular Psychic Shows, Angels & Answers, with Artie Hoffman.

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