Nothing But Now ~ Mindful Living with Dr. Mariangela Maguire

Guest Profile

Skylar Wilson M.A.

Skylar Wilson, MA, developed Wild Awakenings while finishing his graduate studies in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness at the California Institute of Integral Studies in 2012. He has experienced the healing power of wilderness over and over while guiding trips around the world for adolescents and adults over the past 15 years. Skylar is director of an inter-cultural ritual called the Cosmic Mass which attempts to bring together the world’s spiritual traditions into an embodied, transformational ritual that builds community through dancing and the arts. He serves on the Vision Council at the Stepping Stones Project where he continues to lead two on-going rites of passage groups for teenagers.

He enjoys surfing, swimming, climbing, writing, giving and receiving bodywork, officiating weddings and end-of-life rituals, as well as one-on-one integration sessions with people of all ages and backgrounds.


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