Guest Profile

Smrita Jain

Smrita Jain is an eclectic graphic designer working at The Aquario Group in New York City. She is also the lead artist at Surmrit Gallery of Art and Design based in New Jersey. Her work ranges from typography and graphic design to paintings, drawings, digital canvas prints, and photography. She does not constrain herself to one medium or style of work. Her process is free flowing, combining various styles and techniques to make Smrita’s work uniquely her own.

Formally trained in design, Smrita could never imagine her career, or this world, to be anything without art. She strongly believes that design is a derivative of art. Much of Smrita’s artistic work reflects her formal design training. Strategic thinking, rhythm, coordination and principles of balance come together with her inner expression and craft, producing stunning visual results.

Smrita brings a unique perspective, combining experience working with design studios, marketing firms, PR and advertising agencies with an entrepreneurial drive inherited from her family.

Smrita finds inspiration in nature and most of her work reflects naturally found elements. Her biggest influencers are people -- from those who bring her to life and those who bring her down. She finds inspiration in the worst situations, translating a troubling experience into an uplifting painting or capturing a moment through her writing or photography.

Smrita’s first solo exhibition was displayed at Pratt Manhattan Gallery in 2011 followed by her first group exhibition at Javits Center. Later, her work joined that of many well known artists at Queens Museum in January 2014. Smrita became the first Indian to open Newport, Jersey City, New Jersey’s first private art gallery on May 29, 2014.