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The Dr. Diane Show: Revolutionary Expansion of Mind, Body, and Soul: Dr. Diane Interviews Tom Paladino of Scalar Light & HIV Treatment

Guest Profile

Soleil Hepner

Soleil Hepner is an International Mind-Body Educator who gently, yet purposefully guides her varied clients - stressed executives, creative entrepreneurs, and curious yogis - to WAKE UP NOW to a life that moves beyond the same-old, same-old.

Armed with the question, "What's happening NOW," she hooks you into noticing the body's discomfort and the mind's diversions. Because, as Soleil says, "How are you going to handle what's happening outside of you, if you can't figure out what's going on inside of you?"

Merging 18 years of High-tech management, facilitation, & coaching along with 30 years of yoga & performance, Soleil works with first-hand knowledge when helping women, men, and organizations balance introspection with the constant demands of everyday living.

Since 2005, Soleil has been on faculty at the prestigious Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Center, and travels internationally training and speaking to doctors, scientists, businesses, employees and yogis alike in the intricacies of using the body & mind to heal and enhance life.

In addition to her private practice, speaking engagements and trainings, Soleil has founded two well-loved online communities - YogaBlaze & DanceBlaze - for yoga and dance in Greater Seattle.

Soleil is an avid free-style improvisational dancer and has facilitated live-music dances since 2003 - including "Dancing Planet" at the World Rhythm Festival. Visit Soleil's additional website for more information -