Guest Profile

Sonia Imerti

Sonia Imerti founded Pretty in Pink, an award-winning, organic spa. A visionary in her own right, she has an impeccable attention to detail and innate ability to anticipate client needs. She leans on her business background and retail buying knowledge to carefully research and source the industry’s best organic and all-natural products. In over 7 years of business, Sonia has created a space for ultimate wellness. As a mother of 2 and self taught business owner, this entrepreneur has mastered running a successful business from an elevated mindset.


Sonia’s personal self healing journey and holistic approach to life is a key element to the structure of the spa allowing her to create a space for healing and wellness for women in the community. 


She has a passion for empowering others, leading to the transformation of the way they practice self-care, ultimately creating a domino effect in all areas of their lives. Known for her passion for inspiring others, and fierce dedication to her clients, Sonia has an intuitive ability to be ahead of the curve.  As a woman who speaks her truth, confident in her views, she inspires others to do the same.