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Sonya Malecky Spaziani

Sonya Spaziani, also known as Mustang Meg, is an advocate for our wild horses through a fast growing grassroots effort, sharing pertinent news, action items, images, stories, and art with her followers about "our" America's Mustangs and our last open spaces of our west. It is her hope to spread awareness about the wild horse plight and the closing in of our 'wild west'. "It's astounding how many people don't even know we still have wild horses, let alone a serious problem, and I intend to change that". One of her taglines "With every roundup, our west is less wild". She spreads awareness on current mustang and wild land issues, through her fan page.

She also owns a full time art business, WildWind Art, which is becoming also a vessel in contributing to wild horse preservation efforts. Self-taught, Sonya enjoys the challenge of capturing the intimate details of both western and wildlife art. In addition to wild horses, Sonya believes the Soul of the old west still lives as evidenced on working ranches, and felt through quiet shivers when in old ghost towns where dust, wind whispers, and tumbleweeds are the only inhabitants. Through her art she attempts to capture the inner essence of what once was, though now just a whisper on the wind.

Capturing wild horses with her pencils has become a labor of love. She has started a series called "For the Mustangs" where 50% will benefit Return to Freedom for "On-the-range-management", working to keep our American mustangs on our western public rangelands.

Incorporated into her artwork and her trademark, is also the use of authentic wild horse mane-hairs to detail through paint, the fine hair details. So each image is essentially "touched by an icon of our west", a wild mustang.

Sonya is donating one 16x22 limited edition of only 250 signed/numbered giclee prints of the first of her wild horse series, called "Untamed" to a listener on the Dr. Pat Show.

"My efforts may be a 'drop in the bucket' but I'm making sure that drop makes one big reverberating splash"

Sonya has also started two important causes for wild horses:
Save America's LIVING LEGENDS www.americaslivinglegends, and
A Million Voices for Mustangs which is about a week old, but quickly growing with supporters from all over the world. It came to her in a dream and it is her hope is that "a million voices for our mustangs" cannot be ignored, because to Sonya aka Mustang Meg "Together, THEY stand. Divided, THEY fall".

You can also follow her on her blog,
"It is inspirational to live in a place where ways of the old west can still be found, and its spirit living on in sheltered pockets of humanity. There are secret areas where one can see for miles without interruption by a barbed wire fence; where wild horses still run free,, and the winds blow where they will..."
Where the wild winds blow, Sonya Spaziani aka Mustang Meg art website alter ego, a voice for the mustangs cause cause blog