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Guest Profile

Stacey Smith

I started Vitalife in 2009.  At this point I had been getting colonics myself for about 6 years – they had completely changed my life.  If someone had told me at that time that cleansing my colon and detoxing my body would be life-changing for me, I wouldn’t have believed it.  I had terrible digestion which (I did not know at the time) was also impacting other health issues I was having – which were largely hormonal (including difficulty losing weight), and also with recurring acne.  After getting a few colonics my digestion started to improve and with that my other health issues started to correct themselves as well.  I had never been more excited about anything in my life!  At this point I decided to go back to school to study Holistic Nutrition as this had always been a passion of mine, and even more so at this point after experiencing such positive changes in my own health.  I then would recommend colonics to most of my nutrition clients – for different reasons – detoxification, digestive issues, preventative health etc.  I was so passionate about colonics and their benefits that I thought to myself – why am I not doing colonics myself?  I believe in them so much, and you can get results a lot faster with colonics than with nutrition alone.  And from that idea, Vitalife was born!  And it has been fantastic ever since.  There is no greater feeling than being able to help another person – and to do so with a therapy that has been around for thousands of years, and that is completely natural – it is truly amazing.  We are very blessed to have an amazing team of therapists at Vitalife, who are very passionate about helping others – we love what we do, and feel very fortunate to work with such amazing clients and help them experience fantastic results.