Guest Profile

Stacey Witt

For several years I have dreamed about a healing, rejuvenating event that would nourish the body, mind and soul of those who attended my Healing Green Place. I call it a Healing Green Place because it would be just that, quite literally. It would be held on a beautiful piece of property where the foliage is lush and beauty is abundant. I see this healing place/event as being a weekend retreat where people could go for an immersion of what is healing, teaching and experiential.

I have wanted to provide a healing event to individuals and families who have experienced trauma in life. These people will be people who may not have the resources to experience healing on this type of level. I see vendors participating who will provide nourishment for the body, via massage, movement workshops and more. There will be teachers and healers of all kinds from NLP coaching to Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists to guide those who attend into their own healing abundance. There will be spiritual people sharing their knowledge and guidance maybe in the way of classes or a spiritual service. Lastly, I would love to see people sharing knowledge about healthy foods and recipes and the importance of nourishing our bodies with nutrient rich foods.

This place would be a place where exhausted mothers and fathers could be supported and given hope for a different future. Children could simply play and receive gentle guidance if they so choose to attend classes and workshops. There would be special events for teenagers with experts who have worked with teens who have been in traumatic situations. This entire event would be a way for families to come together in a healing environment to re-evaluate familial values and goals and create the future that they dream of.