Guest Profile

Stacie Barber

Stacie Barber is a lover of life and all that it has to offer, and she shares this love with her amazing clients as a Transformational Life and Wellness Coach and Mindful Movement Practitioner. She is a strong advocate of full love and acceptance of one’s self and believes that when we step into our greatness then amazing things will happen. Through her life experience, she has witnessed first hand the power of positive thinking, innate healing, and organic growth. She is able to clearly see the potential in each and every human and helps them to release limiting beliefs and patterns to allow their essence to shine. She has and is continuing to build a community and space for her 1:1 and group clients that provides the ease of transparency, opportunity to dig deep, get clear and do the work that is truly life-changing. This work truly lights her life up!

Stacie is a graduate of the Medical University of South Carolina’s esteemed Occupational Therapy program and has been walking the path of healing with her clients for over a decade. She and her husband own The Mindful Body Pilates Studio in Charleston SC, a space of well being, health promotion and quality. Stacie has been teaching Pilates and Mindful Movement practices for over 8 years now and is in the process of becoming a Gryotonic Practitioner to enrich her offerings.

Her greatest accomplishments to date are when she became the proud mother of 2 little ladies, Haven and Miles, and wife to husband Brandon.