Guest Profile

Stacy Johnston

Stacy Johnston currently owns/operates Enlighten Up, a Personal Consulting Firm based in Texas. She

is an Internationally Certified Personal Development & Integrity consultant, speaker, trainer, and author.

Her time is spent working with individuals, families, companies and communities recognize the power of

their integrity & influence and the importance of the Legacy they leave behind. Stacy grew up in a dance

studio family and was blessed to enjoy the beautiful world of the arts all of her life. She is 39 yrs married

to a wonderful man, the mother of 3 and grandmother to 8. Stacy owned and operated Applause School

of Dance for 30 yrs, took a pivot, and spent 11 yrs in the adolescent /adult substance abuse and mental

health profession as a Family Services Specialist. Aside from her work at Enlighten Up, her new joy is co-

hosting 2 podcasts; Un-Caped Heroes and Mid-Week Mind Candy.