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Starfeather Marcy

Starfeather Bio:

Starfeather has lived and taught the Sacred Path through visionary art, women’s circles, drumming and energy healing for over thirty years. Her goal is to bring self-empowerment and spiritual awareness through art, craft, healing and the re-establishment of heartful community, loving and caring for the Earth.  The founder of the Medicine Woman’s Mentoring Circle and the Medicine Shield Retreat, she facilitates retreats and gatherings at various locations as well as at her home in Edmonds, WA.

Her work has expanded internationally on Zoom where she shares weekly shamanic experiences in Sacred Circle. Starfeather is a trained practitioner of energy healing, sound healing, shamanism and hypnotherapy for spiritual exploration and healing and is an initiated Elder with teachings gifted her in the Cherokee tradition.  She is a proud mother of two sons and grandmother to four wonderful young people. 


Medicine Drum Making in Ceremony

Enjoy a very special day of creating your own hand-drum with sacred intention.  Your drum is more than an instrument; it is an ally on your spiritual journey. 

Starfeather is a master drum maker and spiritual teacher who has been facilitating drum making for over twenty years. She offers a unique experience of ease in crafting and connectedness with the sacredness of this creation.  Her drums are available for sale at East/West Bookshop in Seattle or special order; however she truly believes that making your own is the most optimal way to establish a deep connection with your drum.

Be carefully and lovingly guided in sacred ceremony to create—to birth—your own Medicine Drum.  Give yourself this gift of a lifetime!  

Price includes all materials, tools, and facilitation for your drum and drum beater.


Drumming in Sacred Circle

We come together in Sacred Circle to connect on a deep level and enjoy a time of drumming, singing, chanting, sharing our stories and in co-created prayer.  Starfeather has been bringing people together in circles in the Seattle area since 1990.  As facilitator, she establishes and holds the bowl of energy of the gathering to create a special experience that is healing and joyful.  She is a ceremonialist recognizes the importance of empowering each gathering as a sacred event and ceremonial experience.  Calling in and honoring the energies of the Directions brings power and spiritual connection to the gathering.


Medicine Wheel Meditation

What began as a sharing of the Medicine Wheel in the early Covid days, has become an important part of Starfeather’s spiritual practice and teaching.  Guiding a “walk” around the Medicine Wheel on Zoom every Sunday continues to be a beautiful way to reset and come into balance as she guides this journey of honoring and gratitude.



Starfeather is active as a facilitator at the Woman Soul Gathering which holds an annual retreat for women, this year at Camp Sealth on Vashon Island, WA.  Also, she is a many-year presenter at the Women of Wisdom Conference in Seattle, WA.


Starfeather hosts three groups:



Email: [email protected]