Guest Profile

Steph Parrish

What I Do

I am a composite fifth-dimensional energy reader and clairvoyant, clairaudient empath. I utilize all intuitive senses to access subconscious and subtle bodies of information in the unseen. A lifelong study in the psychology of pattern and the boundaries between false personality and authentic being, combined with many years of working intimately with others on the spiritual path has formed a solid foundation for deep and compassionate recognition of what is true. My intention is to reflect your truth back to you in a loving and safe way. 

I read, channel, translate and transmute energies held within and around your body, bloodline, and past and present lifetimes. In my healing sessions, I use light or star language and other sound healing instruments, including my voice to create space for shifts to occur. 

My services offer you an opportunity to deepen your integration with your true self, and to receive friendly messages from the universe with integrity and compassion. My intention is to inspire healthy self-reflection, inner connection and feelings of ease, trust, growth, wisdom and the remembrance of magic. 


My Philosophy

I am deeply passionate about the art of self-healing and believe it a radical political and humanistic act to uncover the layers within that limit us from self-love and understanding. 

Trusting the intuition expands our universe in creative ways and allows the heart to lead. To be guided from within generates courage, momentum and compassion. We are each the expert of our own reality. To come to freedom, through love and understanding of our experience is our inalienable right as human beings.  

My Story


I experienced a spiritual awakening at 17 years old during a week away at art camp. This opening launched a lifetime of seeking truth. I have consistently sought out the mysterious, creative and magical. My passion for music and singing led me to New York City and a lifestyle of performance, recording in professional studios and playing live shows. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Art and Studio Photography and continue to offer portraits by request (see my portfolio HERE and contact me for appointments). I apprenticed as a working herbalist from 2016-2019 and have incorporated these realms into my  approach. 


In 2013, I studied as a first year student of the Black Sect Tantric Buddhism Feng Shui Masters program in NYC. Since 2015, I have been actively immersed in the dynamic teachings of Zen, Fourth Way and Sufi mysticism led by Molly Knight Forde and Sean Forde at The Awareness School in Seattle, Washington, where I have also been a student teacher. Additionally, I am a certified sound healer, trained by Irene Ingalls and Alison Laird Craig at The Seattle Sound Temple and in 2020, I completed training in shamanic energy healing and light language activation with Ancestor Diviner and Shamanic Healer Sarai Schneider.