Guest Profile

Stephanie Riseley

Stephanie Riseley is a teacher and hypnotherapist. Her book, Love From Both Sides A True Story of Soul Survival and Sacred Sexuality, Findhorn Publishing, 2008 tells the story of her husband dying in her arms and coming back to chat.

Besides being a writer, she's studied hypnosis since 1971. Over the years, Stephanie has helped hundreds of people lose weight, quit smoking, and make empowering lifestyle changes. Because she's also a teacher, she explains how our computer like brains work and then teaches her clients a skill-set that helps them to re-program their own brain. It's like fixing a glitch in the wiring, or like ridding a computer of a pesky, hijacking internet virus.

Scientific research proves that once people change their thinking, they actually change the physical structure of their brains. Because of that, they're freed of self-destructive behaviors that ruin lives and steal happiness.

To do this, Stephanie uses hypnosis, along with techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Modification and Guided Interactive Therapy.