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Burn Bright Today with Jennifer Jay: How to Love Yourself Through Narcissism with Special Guest Dr. Mariette Jansen - Part III of IV

Guest Profile

Stephen Zawistowski

Dr. Zawistowski, executive vice president of national programs and science advisor to the ASPCA, along with Marion S. Lane, special projects editor in the National Programs office of the ASPCA, co-authored Heritage of Care, which features exclusive stories from the ASPCA archives that bring the societys early work to life in a compelling, well-written narrative.

In addition, the 184-page book chronicles the organizations current endeavors, bringing up-to-date the ASPCAs initiatives in veterinary medicine, training and behavior, law enforcement, advocacy, education and humane communities. Six appendices round out the book, and extraordinary photographs help trace the history of the organization that gave birth to the humane movement in the United States and is still vibrant today.