Guest Profile

Steve Farrell

Steve Farrell is the Worldwide Coordinating Director for Humanity's Team, a global grassroots spiritual movement focused on awakening and embodying Oneness so humanity may enjoy a sustainable world of peace, harmony and happiness. It presently has about 100,000 teammates in over 150 countries and provides resources for personal transformation, creates educational programs, and engages in spiritual activism projects.

Spiritual Activism projects include: Global Oneness Day, a day Humanity's Team created following its visit to the United Nations in May, 2010, a Oneness Declaration gathering signatures so the United Nations will endorse Global Oneness Day, an annual spiritual leadership award, an initiative called 'Oneness in the Twelve Spheres of Life' that is making Oneness tangible on-the-ground in communities around the world, Humanity's Team University including a summit called, 'Living in Oneness, The Five Pillars for Success,' and programs focused on living in Oneness and helping people and the environment.

Before Steve became involved with Humanity's Team he co-founded and led two high growth technology companies based in Silicon Valley, California. But he walked away because he felt we could create a new dream based on our Oneness and the sacred in all of life that the whole world could participate in. He now lives with his wife Stephanie and two children in Boulder, Colorado.