Guest Profile

Steve Fogel

Steven J. Fogel set a goal of becoming a millionaire by the time he was 30. He achieved his objective and was proud of his success, living the lifestyle he'd always dreamed of. He had a talent for both making and keeping money. But his happiness was fleeting. He soon found that the old line Money can't buy happiness was true-and the joke was on him

At 26, he had a lovely home, a wife, and, soon, kids. At 36, he came home every night to a Hollywood mansion, a picture-perfect family, and all the things he'd thought he was supposed to have. He was outgoing, good at telling jokes and stories, and usually had a smile on his face, but no matter how much he accomplished-how much he had-he never felt truly happy for long.

For the past 35 years, he's been searching for answers to the psychological and spiritual mysteries of life. He engaged in every method for self-transformation that came across his path, hoping to find the antidote to his emotional pain.

Along the way, in addition to running his company, he became a painter and a writer; took up music, acting, and standup comedy; and produced independent films. He started to realize that what was missing was a sense of purpose to his life. Then, after many years of searching for it, his purpose came to him: to share the self-transformation techniques he'd learned on his search in order to help others relieve their unnecessary pain and get out of their self-imposed straitjackets.

Steve Fogel is a principal and cofounder of Westwood Financial Corp., one of the largest owner-operators of retail properties in the United States with a portfolio of over 93 shopping centers in 23 metropolitan markets worth over one billion dollars. He is a licensed real estate broker and past chairman of the California Arts Council. He is the author of My Mind Is Not Always My Friend: A Guide for How to Not Get in Your Own Way Peppertree Press, 2010 and The Yes-I-Can Guide to Mastering Real Estate Times Books-Random House