Guest Profile

Sue Elliott

Sue Elliott is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Law of Attraction Magazine, and the Creator of Heartfelt Holidays. Sue has created all kinds of magazines over the years, including chef-recipe food magazines and hot rod magazines. In 2011, she was able to combine her years of experience as a magazine editor with her 20-plus years of study, practice and teaching of personal- growth and transformation materials to launch Law of Attraction Magazine, a national newsstand magazine.

Sue fills each issue of this personal-growth magazine with tools, techniques and insights from experts around the world as well as Real-Life Success Stories to uplift, inspire and empower people.
Sue was uniquely suited to create this magazine, because she's spent years studying with renowned personal-growth teachers. She not only can clearly share this wisdom, she also embodies what she's learned. And because of that, people have been seeking Sue out as a transformation coach for many years now. As it turns out, being a magazine editor helps tremendously in Sue's style of coaching: All those years of paying close attention to word selection, rhythm and pacing have attuned her so that she can effortlessly spot people's patterns, limits and blind spots, even during a casual conversation.

Sue uses this "super power" of clarity in her audio program, Heartfelt Holidays, to help people let go of their fear, dread, anxiety and sadness around the holidays. The laser-focused audios in Heartfelt Holidays are designed to de-activate holiday triggers and clear the old patterns around Family, Food, Crowds, Shopping, Parties, Giving and Receiving.

Sue is based in Irvine, California, and she offers personal and executive coaching for individuals and groups in person and by phone, as well as workshops, teleclasses and audio programs.