Guest Profile

Sufen Paphassarang

Sufen Paphassarang is an ex-corporate executive with the AIG and Marsh Group who left her successful corporate career to become a full-time mother. After her tragic loss and health crisis, Sufen credited the BodyTalk System for her quick recovery of the disease without drugs. Her healing journey led her to learn the BodyTalk System.

8 years later, Sufen now integrates the fields of mind and body medicine with The BodyTalk System. Sufen provides whole-person centered healthcare, integrating medical science, neuromuscular biofeedback and neuroscience/neuroplasticity within the philosophies of health and wellness of both Vedic and Chinese traditions. She directs The BodyTalk Centre Singapore, where she teaches the BodyTalk Access and MindScape courses in Singapore and internationally. She also coordinates BodyTalk courses for the Asia Pacific region. When Sufen is not teaching, she is running a busy clinic where she conducts private BodyTalk treatments.