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Sunny Dawn Johnston

Sunny Dawn Johnstonis an internationally renowned author, sought after spiritual counselor, and gifted psychic intuitive. Her gifts have allowed her to assist thousands of people in their healing process. Sunny’s message of self-love and acceptance has drawn thousands of people from all over the world to her workshops, events and private sessions. Over the last fifteen years, Sunny has performed thousands of readings, assisted on missing person’s cases with Find Me, and even volunteers her services to the Parents of Murdered Children organization.

Most recently, Sunny Dawn Johnston starred in “A Séance with Lisa Rinna” on the Lifetime TV. She was also featured in the award winning documentary “Sacred Journey of the Heart.” Sunny's latest book, The Love Never Ends: Message from the Other Side, was released in October 2014.

Although spiritual, Sunny is not connected with any spiritual or religious tradition and instead believes everyone has the power within to create, transform and heal. Sunny’s mission is to empower as many individuals as she can by teaching that ALL answers lie within.

Sunny was recently the star of her own Lifetime TV special doing a celebrity séance with Lisa Rinna and was a featured guest on Coast to Coast Radio. Sunny spoke at the Celebrate your Life Conference in Chicago this past June; sharing the stage with gurus like Michael Beckwith, Iyanla Vanzant and Panache Desai.

Sunny volunteers her time as a psychic investigator for the international organization FIND ME. This is a not-for-profit organization of Psychic, Investigative, and Canine Search and Rescue SAR volunteers working together to provide leads to Law Enforcement and Families of missing persons and homicide. Sunny considers this work to be one of the most important things she can offer others through her spiritual gifts, the gift of connection, hope, awareness and closure.

Sunny lives in Arizona with her husband Brett and their 2 sons, Crew and Arizona. To learn more about Sunny's work, see videos, and read articles, please go to You can also follow Sunny on Facebook at



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