Guest Profile

Susan Hunter

Susan Hunter's abilities for connecting people and concepts, her passion for technology, and her second-generation entrepreneurial spirit are the basis for her success.

From a young age, Susan was involved in running her family's import business, which installed in her a passion for travel, art and adventure. She began her undergraduate education in Florence, Italy at Fleming College and completed her studies at the Art Institute of Atlanta. Later, Susan attended the Price School of Advertising and Journalism in Philadelphia furthering her knowledge of product promotion and advertising.

Influenced by her early career in import and distribution, Susan recognized the need for web technology to share information, create relationships and community in a growing marketplace. For over a decade Susan educated her clients on how to use web technology to simplify the business and marketing processes.

Her commitment to empowering women and youth through technology is evident in her contributions of web-based services to non-profits organizations. Susan has supported various charitable causes professionally and personally - particularly those serving women and children.

Currently Susan's life has been guided by her personal belief that wholeness comes from honoring all the pieces of self - the mind, body, spirit and soul.

As an advocate of integrated healthcare, combining holistic therapies with traditional medicine, Susan sees the need to share this information. As a result of her beliefs, passions and experience she is a co-founder of, a unique online community that connects women with both traditional mainstream medicine and holistic practitioners.

With an initial focus on breast cancer, empowers women to gain the knowledge and connections they need on the journey to health and wholeness. It also provides a platform for healthcare providers who are truly passionate about putting the "care" back into patient care to engage and educate patients.

Susan is a devoted single parent to her two children, James and Amanda. A life-of-learning best describes Susan's penchant for gaining knowledge, solving problems, setting and achieving goals, and most of all, looking forward to her continued journey.