Guest Profile

Susan King

In 1986 Susan King hit her head - hard - in a car accident. The result was more than a concussion. Afterward, when Susan looked at people, she saw images of events occurring in their lives and had flashes of insight about them. With uncanny knowledge of their situations, she has been able to advise clients on everything from job searches to divorce proceedings. King refers to her work as Intuitive Counseling, and believes that intuitive power is available to everyone. "To me, it's our body's radar, helping us make all sorts of decisions - if only we're willing to pay attention."

Susan believes that by allowing ourselves to be guided by a power greater than ourselves, we can let go of the past, overcome challenges and limitations and establish more meaningful connections with those around us. She brings a new way of seeing, so that people can move forward with fresh perspective, and the possibility of making better life choices.

Susan has also been a columnist for both 'Elle' and 'Marie Claire' magazines, and was profiled in 'O' Magazine in 2012.