Guest Profile

Susan Sinclair

Susan Sinclair is a Soul Reader, Reiki Master, Akashic Healer, and Energy Clearing Expert.

After her spiritual awakening through Reiki attunements in 2011, she studied and worked intensively with master healers, including renowned chakra authority Cyndi Dale, Akashic scholar Linda Howe, and pioneering sound healer Jonathan Goldman.

From the start, Susan's teachers and Spirit Guides built her energy clearing skills, first in clearing her own haunted home, then in addressing major disturbances at Willow Creek Farm, the most haunted residence in the state of Illinois. After that, Susan went ever deeper into energy clearing mastery by weathering shamanic initiations, hostile spirit attacks, ET encounters, and multi-dimensional adventures--basically, her Guides kept tossing her off metaphysical cliffs and showing her how to fly on the way down!

Through these profound experiences, Susan developed her signature spiritual healing processes that have cleared and restored energetic harmony to people, pets, and places around the globe. Her mission is to guide "woke folk" back to right relationship with the Invisible Others who share our spiritual ecosystem, so that our planet may evolve into a higher state of Grace, harmony, and joy--

One Cleared Space at a Time!