Guest Profile

Susan Tyler

Susan Tyler, CQBS became known as The Stress Detective after being diagnosed with the beginning stages of Multiple Sclerosis in the mid 90s. Susan became determined to find a way to get herself well again. She began to investigate alternative methods of healing that ultimately led her to Biofeedback where she learned that Stress comes from many sources, however it is the unmanaged stress that studies show contributes to illness and disease. Armed with this information, Susan set out to find a healthy balance for herself.

Susan has been helping her clients find their own healthy balance since 2001 using a combination of Nutritional Counseling, Supplements, Homeopathic Remedies, Lifestyle Coaching and Biofeedback for Stress Management. In January 2008, Susan implemented a Holistic Weight Loss Program that has had phenomenal results helping her lose 27 pounds that she is easily able to keep off. Susan says Stress Management is the first step for Prevention of Dys-Ease in the body, whether my client wants to lose weight, manage pain and stress or just enjoy a happier life. We all have choices about our wellness. Clients work with me because they know that I understand where they are in their journey to wellness and that gives them encouragement. If I can find my way back, maybe they can too.