Guest Profile

Susanne Evans

Susanne Evans, a psychic intuitive healer and licensed Reiki Master, has a unique and specific set of skills that will put your mind at ease and relax your spirit. By seeing the aura and feeling the flow of chakra vibrations, she is able to pick out all of the factors that are combining to make you who you are from one moment to the next. Nothing passes her by, she has a soft control of the world around her, control that she uses for the benefit of her clients, wanting only to see them living as happily and as freely as she knows they can be. Like a gentle breeze, Susanne works her way around the corners of the world, always finding a path to peace and satisfaction for those who rely on her.

Specializing in vibrational sound healing and past life regression work, Susanne has more than 12 years of professional experience. She takes pride in her ability to guide her clients toward greater discoveries and brighter situations, and she remains steadfast in her belief that there is purpose to be found by each and every one of us, if we can only find the touch necessary to uncover it. Susanne regularly assists clients who are suffering with addiction, depression, anxiety, and hoarding disorder, deploying her own combination of guided meditation sessions and mantras customized by person and circumstances.

The power of healing is inside you: a fourth-generation psychic and visionary healer, Susanne will show you how to unlock this power and use it to its full extent. With her naturally hereditary psychic ability and five years of training under the metaphysical teacher and healer Rami Gupta, Susanne will lead you toward your most perfect world and a state of bliss.