Guest Profile

Suzanna Axisa

Imagine working in the City of London and being told "You know much more about intuition than those who are teaching it." Suzanna Axisa's reply was an immediate "I don't do intuition" But ten years later her passion for problem-solving, morphed into a passion for coaching others to recognise, trust and use their intuition with confidence, so that they can become the very best version of themselves

Her personal journey to understand how her intuition works, and her years of sharing what she knows with others, has made Suzanna a hands-on expert in the very practical, everyday application of intuitive intelligence and she now calls it our very own Chinese Feng-Huang Phoenix.

As well as coaching individuals and companies around the world, she is also the channel for Ascended Master, Lord Lanto, who was Lao Tzu the father of the Tao - in a previous life. She lives in North East Italy, near her favorite city in the world Venice.