Guest Profile

T. Kari Mitchell

T. Kari Mitchell (TK), is a motivational speaker, holistic wellness coach, and author who inspires mature, seasoned women to overcome limited thinking and reclaim their health, confidence, purpose, and power so they can flourish in their golden years.

After "graduating" from her 32-year teaching career, caring for her ailing mother, and overcoming her own health challenges through lifestyle interventions, TK knew she had more important work to do. She began thinking about how a middle-aged woman could experience more joy and more prosperity in the second half of her life, and what would be the secrets to her success? At the age of 62, she started her own business, Lifestyle 120, and rededicated her life to elevating women. Because TK truly wanted to help women step into their personal power and live the life they’ve always wanted, she created Sprout Your New Life™, a comprehensive and sustainable program specifically designed to prepare courageous women for their future. Her empowerment curriculum looks at life holistically and provides tools to improve every aspect of a woman’s life while nurturing a deeper connection to Spirit and the world.

TK’s motto is live, learn, love, grow, and be a blessing to others. Please visit her website, to learn more.