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Tamara & Andrew Overlee

About Tamara
Born in Canton, Ohio, Tamara grew up in a nurturing home with her mother, father, and brother. As a young child her inner knowing sensed the guidance and support from her family in spirit, and her love of spirit continued to grow as did her passion for the world of music and dance. Tamara spent many years as a dedicated dancer and commercial make-up artist, working with people from all walks of liferecognized and well-known clients. She taught both fields.
Tamara has committed herself wholeheartedly to working with her beloved family in spirit helping mankind. This is her passion, her joy. She is a devoted " spiritual counselor and a semi-trance medium for automatic writing. Tamara is the author of The Truth of Life from the World of Love and Spirit, a unique, powerful, timeless, and uplifting book that offers universal truths that can enhance any religious and healing practice. It instills wisdom that offers readers invaluable guidance.

In 1986 Tamara met Andrew, and they began their work with spirit sitting for their sessions on a regular basis. Tamara works with spirit during all sessionsoften receiving writings from spirit directed to the client. These words of wisdom and help she writes exactly as they come to her and then shares them, discussing the messages and their meaning. Whether in a class or personal session, Tamara interjects relevant information offering her insight in order to make things abundantly clear while challenging us to think for ourselves and ask questions so that we might learn even more. She is an invaluable counselor/advisor, trusted confidant, mentor and teachera dear friend to all who is devoted to helping us achieve mental, physical, and spiritual wellness.

About Andrew
At the age of 16 , Andrew Overlee was ranked Eleven in the world at the 100 meters breaststroke and was also a long distance state runner. Andrew was born in Denver, Colorado, the son of Vernon Overlee, perhaps one of America's most esteemed trance mediums during the 20th century. He was a friend of Dr. W. D. Chesney, who was a close friend of Edgar Cayce.

Since a young child, Vern helped Andrew to be aware of his spirit family so they could teach him how to fulfill his written destiny as an instrument for healing energy. At the age of seven, Andrew experienced his first semi-trance healing. This began his development as a trance medium, introducing him to energies involving remarkable healing methods and information that have been used to help many people.

Being a trance medium, Andrew allows his family in spirit to speak through him, utilizing his voice and body. When in a deep trance state, spirit comes through using a different manner of speech, tone, and voice. His spirit family changes the molecular structure of Andrews thought patterns, which enables them to provide information from the ethereal world to the physical plane. Physical trance mediumship is a very extensive procedure and requires many years to attain a full trance state. It has taken Andrew more than forty-five years to accomplish the state of mind and pattern of thought to be at peace so spirit can work through him on a full-time basis. As Andrew says, There is no school or training course to become a full trance medium, as this is a part of ones written destiny, a commitment to uphold the sanctity of life with one's spirit family. We all choose our destiny, our work in this physical life; and we choose the way in which to pursue our spiritual commitment. Whether we are aware of spirit or not, they are always contacting us through our intuition, helping and guiding us in our everyday lives. The only question isAre we listening? Andrews complete understanding of his spirit friends and the ethereal world is most extensive, and his common-sense approach to his mediumship involves peace and love, which are in compliance to his family in spirit. In 1986, Andrews life became complete when he met his partner in life, his beloved wife, Tamara. Together, Andrew and Tamara hold very dear to their hearts this lifes work with their spirit family, who has chosen to work through them to help bring peace, love, and equality to all humankind.