Guest Profile

Tanis McRae B.Ed.

"If you do not decide who you are in the experience ~ The experience will decide who you are."

Around this simple core belief revolves all that Tanis does to assist you in your personal healing journey and in your conscious evolution of the Self. With authenticity and humor Tanis teaches, mentors, speaks and writes about self-empowerment and advocates for the importance of our emotional health.


Play in the energy with Tanis as she guides your human experience of pain, trauma, and self-limiting beliefs into conscious expansion and personal wisdom –the kind that only comes from empowered self-responsibility and authentic healing. A transformative and intuitive teacher, Tanis meets you where you are right now, safely expands your boundaries, shares belief-shifting analogies, personal stories, guides you to trust your intuition, and celebrates your growth.


As an author, her book, “Talking to My Self – Evolving on Purpose”, supports you in meaningful healing, guiding you to trust the power of your intuitive abilities in the process. If you want to transform and transmute your Self and use your innate abilities to fuel your creative energy into a conscious creation of your life she is going to assist you in doing that.

Tanis is based out of Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada and has offerings available in-person and online. You are welcome to find out more on her website,, where you can connect further through email, Facebook and Instagram.