Guest Profile

Tara Stricker

Hi I am Tara Stricker and I am Soul Alignment Coach and energy healer. My business TSW Life Coaching and my awakening journey started after the sudden death of my husband. This experience led me to realize I was playing small in my life, although I started the business out of not wanting to have regrets, I soon realized it was much more than that! Coming from a 20-year background in Human Services I thought the transition would be simple. This couldn’t be further from the truth what I realize now the business and subsequent growth has (and continues to be) my journey home to my Self and to living my purpose!

This journey has led me to a deeper level of knowing, loving and accepting myself than I ever thought possible, and I am still pleasantly surprised when new levels reveal themselves. I now work with clients who are starting their journey and are ready to dive deep into who they truly are. I help them tune into their wisdom and remove the blocks and mind chatter that stops them from living their truth. Through a variety of tools including energetically changing belief system, energetic soul alignments, energetic plant medicine healing and more traditional mindset shifting tools, I help others to tune into their wisdom and come home to their true Self!