Guest Profile

Tawanna Woolfolk LCSW

With 19 years of clinical experience specializing in complex trauma treatment, Tawanna Woo|folk is a licensed clinical social worker with an MSW from Smith College School of Social Work. Woolfolk is certified as both a Trauma Professional and a certified Grief Specialist and is trained in S.A.F.E. EMDR. She is in private practice at Sacred Ground Institute, LLC where she is also the director and CEO.


Tawanna grew up in the foster care system after her biological mother terminated her parental rights to her at the age of 5. She suffered malnutrition, educational neglect, sexual and physical trauma. Tawanna Woolfolk always intuitively knew who were the right people to steward her through towards resiliency. She lives with her life partner and has committed her life to planting mustard seeds of hope and faith.