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Temple Swift

Xoai pronounced SHO-SIGH is Belgian chocolate using a patented cold press technology. Xoai products contain all natural, unprocessed cold pressed chocolate. Being unprocessed, it holds 100% of its antioxidant and nutritional value. With Xoai. Healthy Chocolate products, you get ALL the antioxidant power of dark chocolate without the fat, preservatives, fillers and high sugar like you do in other chocolate.

Our delicious chocolate products have been created to provide maximum antioxidant benefits, while minimizing the negatives usually associated with chocolate, that is, too much fat and too much sugar. We also use low glycemic sweeteners in our products.

About Temple Swift
We live in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. Our friends call us 'Very Busy'

Goals and ambitions are motivating and important in a person's life. My immediate goal was to improve my own health, as I am an asthmatic with severe allergies and I wished to get off of all pharmaceutical drugs. Please visit site to see my testimonial, as well as others and the science behind antioxidants and dark chocolate and how they have helped me

I've been fortunate to accomplish many things in my life. But my biggest accomplishment would have to be in education. I have earned three University Honours degrees.H.B.A. Honours Bachelor of Arts in Human Physiology & Biology with a minor in Psychology; a B.ED.Bachelor of Education and an O.T.C.Ontario Teaching Certificate Steven's biggest accomplishment has been reaching his lifetime career goal of becoming an international airline Pilot.

We are having the time of our lives right now by living our dream of owning our own business. Having our own business is very busy, but it gives us the freedom to travel and enjoy life fully. We enjoy helping others by promoting health and wellness.